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Moving jobs can be stressful and hence, the tendency for most people is to avoid rocking the boat even when they aren’t happy and aren’t progressing. However, it’s only through putting yourself through discomfort that you will grow. This article details some clear signs that it is time to change jobs.


  1. You Dread Going to Work

There is no salary worth dreading your existence. The Sunday evening blues are normal but if you find the thought of going into work the next morning to be severely affecting your happiness, a career change is non-negotiable. No job is all play and no work so make sure to ask yourself are you unhappy or is it just the quarter-end rush that is stressing you out? Moving teams or departments may bring you satisfaction rather than leaving the company so consider speaking to your department heads but remember there are plenty of exciting external opportunities as well.


  1. You’re Not Learning

When you first joined the organisation you, like most new hires, were probably overwhelmed with everything you had to learn. However, now that you have been in the company for a while it’s possible you’re no longer being exposed to learning opportunities. Thus, you’re not acquiring any new skills.

If you’re never challenged, you’ll never grow. Over time you’ll fall into a false sense of security which can be detrimental. Your goal should be to acquire as many new skills as possible but if you are constantly performing the same tasks (albeit efficiently) you don’t get the opportunity to develop professionally. This makes it harder in the future when you do want a career change as you won’t be as accomplished as your fellow applicants.


  1. Your Colleagues are Leaving

Sometimes your colleagues may leave because they want a career break. Other times colleagues leave because they have been passed up for promotion. In these cases, blindly following them out the door is not an advisable tactic. However, in certain cases, a sudden exodus can signal that there is trouble within the organisation. If you notice those more senior than you suddenly leaving, there may be an issue with the company’s hierarchy or compensation package. This may not affect you yet but could serve as a warning of what is to come.


  1. Your Wellbeing is Being Neglected

Your health is your wealth. No job is worth neglecting both your physical health nor your mental health. Often in accounting departments, there will be pressure around the year-end to get accounts finalised. Or perhaps, there is a large transaction occurring and you have been asked to work overtime to get it over the line. However, if you’re finding that you’re constantly working and it’s taking a toll on your personal life then you should consider moving organisations. Often companies with the most abhorrent cultures struggle to retain talent which costs them in the long run as it’s expensive to replace these workers. Thus, most companies endeavour to create a healthy and sustainable culture that prioritises their employee’s wellbeing. With that being said, your unique experience is what matters and if your health is being jeopardised take comfort in the fact that there are other jobs out there that won’t take you for granted.


  1. You’re Googling ‘Signs That It’s Time to Change Jobs’

The grass may not truly be greener on the other side however, if you don’t take a look you’ll never know for sure. There is nothing wrong with exploring your options and indeed, it’s preferable to keep an eye out for roles that are out there so that you’re informed if you do ever decide to make a switch. With that being said, if you are constantly looking for a reason to make a career change or are allowing a persuasive article to sway you perhaps in reality you have already made the decision. It can be an unnerving prospect to give up comfort in the hunt for landing your dream role. Rest assured, HireForce are experienced in guiding professionals through career changes. If you have any questions or merely want to discuss your options please feel free to reach out to our team.