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Regardless of whether you have already made the decision to make a career move or you’re merely considering your options, connecting with a recruiter can be beneficial. For example, a recruiter can market your talent, match you with your dream job and help you through the application and interview process. This article provides 6 tips for connecting with recruiters.


  • Utilise Online Tools and Platforms

Social networking sites and in particular LinkedIn have revolutionised the recruitment process. Indeed, maintaining a strong online profile can be advantageous in the application process but also in attracting the attention of recruiters. You can share with recruiters on LinkedIn that you’re open to new job opportunities by enabling the ‘open to work’ feature. Moreover, you can specify the types of job opportunities that you’re interested in and your preferred location. This will ensure your profile appears in search results when recruiters look for suitable job candidates. It’s advisable that any of your articles or PR is visible to make your profile as complete and compelling as possible. You can also follow companies and industries of interest and engage with their content. If you’re considering a career move now is the right time to update your LinkedIn profile.


  • Network Regularly and Purposefully

Networking may have negative connotations in the minds of some but at its core, it’s about building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships. Effective networking can vastly improve the likelihood of being noticed. Endeavouring to keep in contact with colleagues and being brave enough to connect with those in positions of seniority whom you admire will be beneficial in both the short and long-term.  On that point, it’s important to consider networking as something to be done regularly throughout your career and not just when you want to make a career move.


  • Showcase your successes

It’s important to illustrate your accomplishments and strengths. Having the right skillset is half the battle. The other half is making sure recruiters are aware of this skill set. Brandishing your skills on LinkedIn and having others endorse you for these skills is certain to garner the right reaction. Equally, recommendations on your LinkedIn profile will help build up an image in both prospective employers and recruiters of how well you work with others.


  • Demonstrate specialist knowledge

Albeit not the only factor, it is nevertheless crucial that the recruiter matches those with the right skills to the right job. If you’re considered as being an expert or accomplished in a particular niche area, you have a higher chance of being noticed by a recruiter and subsequently connected with a suitable employer.


  • Improve your visibility

A practical way of increasing your visibility and hence, a way of increasing your likelihood of being noticed is to actively participate in dialogue within your industry. Attending industry conferences, speaking at events and having your work published can help attract the attention you want. Consider getting involved with your professional association as a way to simultaneously network and improve your visibility.


  • Maintain the Relationship

Oftentimes, those who originally begin as candidates later become clients. An accomplished and adept recruiter will be able to help find you the right role and then if you maintain this relationship they can assist you later in life as you try to find the right personnel with compatible personalities and complementary skills for your organisation.


The purpose of search campaigns is to discover the most suitable talent for a job vacancy and then entice these individuals to apply irrespective of whether said individuals were considering a job change. Typically, the recruiter will get in contact with you and not the other way around. Hence, following the above advice is essential to ensuring that the recruiter connects with you.